Ben’s Bulletin Issue #6


But the best equipment doesn’t make you the best, it’s your coach and your own ability.

Resilience on Rings by Lee McDermott

The Practice: Execution, Productivity & Doing

Consistency beats intensity. Going to the gym consistently three times a week for 30 minutes yields better results than going once a month for an intense two hours. Journaling every day for 5 minutes provides more insights into recognisable patterns for improvement than doing a single review annually.

That applies to work as well: blocking two hours daily to not getting sucked into meetings but working on your most important task results in more impactful progress than doing a 10-hour day of deep work.

The Theory: Strategy, Planning & Learning

What gets measured, gets done, Peter Drucker said. Make your KPIs visible to keep your projects at work and yourself accountable to progress. Have a dashboard on your load-up screen, a screenshot on your cell phone wallpaper or a big-ass calendar like Jesse Itzler has.

Jerry Seinfeld would hold himself accountable by crossing off the day on a paper calendar, once he had his writing complete. Soon enough, he'd look at a long row of uninterrupted weeks of writing. How much more would resistance be to not break that streak had he not made his KPIs visible?

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