Ben’s Bulletin Issue #1

My notes and thoughts on strategic productivity for getting more of the things done that are most important to me at work and in life.

The one-stop-shop for strategic execution 🎯

If I’m familiar with one thing, it’s note-taking and to-do list apps. I tried most of them but also used each of them extensively. I understand well how and why each of them fits my system and workflow. From note-taking apps like Evernote, OneNote and Roam Research to to-do list apps like To-Do, Remember The Milk, Wunderlist and Toodledo as well as the good old pen and paper. All these are really good at what they do, each in a different way.

But there’s only one app that I’ve come back to time and time again. Notion.

Notion is the only app that allows building a system of integrated apps. It allows me to link the highest level of strategy (my values and strategic plans) to the lowest level of action (tasks).

Why would this integration and link be necessary?

For executing our strategic plans in line with our values, any action needs to measurably contribute to these. Without an integrated system, this becomes so much harder to manage and control.

I love August Bradley’s approach using what he terms the Pillars, Pipelines and Vault (PPV) system. In a lot of ways, this is a very similar approach to what business calls project, program and portfolio management (P3M) where organisations manage projects effectively and efficiently to deliver strategic objectives.

Check out his channel for how to build a life operating system in Notion.

Towards better health 🌿

Since the beginning of February, I’m on a time-restricted diet. Struggling most of my adulthood with being overweight, David Sinclair’s advice on fasting for longevity with a time-restricted diet resonated with me. In addition, tracking my calorie intake helps to develop a feeling for what healthy rations look like as I tend to overeat.

Ultimately, I want to be able to be part of my kids' life as long as possible. And I’d hate myself to start it off being out of breath when chasing after them.

Since starting in February, I lost 3kg. My challenge continues to be frenzy feeds in the evening (especially with snacks around the house). Let’s see how the next week goes.

Weekly Win 🏆

After years (literally years) of simply dreaming up what it would mean to write and shoot YouTube videos, I’ve finally taken the step.

This week I scripted 3 videos, shot, edited and published one and am writing this first issue of Ben’s Bulletin.

The key to consistency will be to not freak out when there are days where I can’t write, simply because family or work matters take priority.

Weekly Challenge 😒

The challenge to tackle this coming week will be to be consistent with nutrition, focussing more on the Mediterranean diet that David Sinclair recommends due to its obvious benefits for longevity. The good thing is that I love salads and fish 🥗

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